'Unlocking Your Stage Presence'

This two hour workshop teaches singers how to control the stage and connect with their audience, making the stage feel like their home away from home.

In this workshop, vocalists can develop and perfect the skills necessary for live performance. Good performances involve not only excellent musicianship and professionalism, but also a high level of stage presence and audience interaction. Participants will learn to recognize performance as a form of communication and will develop strategies to connect with audiences through their music and their bodies. Strategies for microphone technique and live band etiquette will also be a topic of discussion. 

Additionally, students will learn to develop concepts of acting and persona creation, which are crucial factors that will set any performer apart from the rest!

This Workshop Teaches You How To...

"Own the Stage"

- Discover the "Zone of Performance"

- Properly and effectively move around stage

- Deliver emotion through your body, eyes, and voice

- Proper microphone technique

- Tips for relieving performance anxieties

- Stage banter (what to say or do between songs to prevent too much ‘dead air’)

"Become A True Professional"

- Tips for working with a live band

- How to interact with fans on and off the stage

- Creating a unique and authentic stage persona

...and so much more!